Baby Dedication Gifts

A baby dedication program can be a religious, cultural or any other ceremony that introduces the baby to its surrounding world. Make the occasion a great one by offering baby dedication gifts. The baby dedication gift you present should suit the occasion. Following are some baby dedication gift ideas.
If the baby dedication ceremony is of religious importance, present a baby dedication gift accordingly. For example, if you are attending a baptism ceremony you can present white baby suits, a cross or a keepsake box. For a baby dedication ceremony with cultural importance you can present a baby dedication gift of your preference. You can present baby clothing, toys or a gift basket filled with baby needs. Present a personalized baby dedication gift by sewing a suit for the baby. If you are attending the ceremony of a close family member then presenting such handmade gifts increases the intimacy of the gift. If you are attending the baby dedication ceremony of a family that are you are not very close to, you may be confused about whether to present a baby dedication gift or not. In such cases, you can present homemade food as a baby dedication gift. No one will reject such a gift and everyone who attends the ceremony will enjoy your baby dedication gift.
Another interesting baby dedication gift is to present a set of story books. For a Christian baby you can present a set of books that are filled with Christian stories that are extracted from the bible. A baby dedication gift which the baby can enjoy having all the time is to a blanket. Personalize the blanket by including the occasion of the ceremony, date, baby name and your name. A baby dedication ceremony can also be a christening ceremony for which you can present a cross placed in an attractive keepsake box as a baby dedication gift. Remain in the memories of the parents and the baby by giving wonderful baby dedication gifts.